Welcome to Rwenzururu Kingdom

All our guests visiting this site, I salute you and say welcome to Rwenzururu Kingdom, welcome to our website and I ask you to have a better interaction with the people you may never meet anywhere else. The experience you will get from this site will not live you the same and you can never regret having accessed the people and the nature around Rwenzururu Kingdom. We are good as individuals but we become better when we blend with the right people meaning your interaction makes the people of Rwenzori a super people. We have had a lot of challenges, but thank God, all this was meant to make us stronger, united and focused to develop our community. We have taken our lessons the hard way, but re-assure the people around the world that we are peaceful people and we are committed to impressing peaceful co-existence. Rwenzururu Kingdom is a cultural institution and not a political entity.

I also take the honor to say, its right and Just to give credit to our fore fathers for setting a standard that we today cherish and celebrate for in these 50years of our King and the entire Kingdom, that we today pay homage too, and that we today feel identified as a people with focus and values to adore. I challenge every native on the Rwenzururu Mountain to appreciate the need for co-existing and further develop a sense of belonging to one another regardless of tribe and culture. We are one people and we can achieve much if we decided to work as one. It’s now our responsibility of passing on to the next generation, a peaceful society, a society of unity for purpose, unity in diversity and the utmost tolerance.

As we do this, remember, we have common enemies, and these are Poverty and diseases. Our people still go without a meal, our children are still malnourished, youth are still unemployed, Maleria is still killing our people, HIV/AIDS is real, claiming lots of lives and dangerous both socially and economically, we still record a high rate of infant and maternal mortality, we still have a lot of domestic violence and we are still illiterate but we have to take a stride and we can do it for ourselves if we held the hands of one another. We need to take the hard way if we must achieve. I implore everyone to study the Indian formula of coming to Africa poor and go back to India with riches. That way we can develop our Rwenzururu Kingdom, Rwenzori region and Uganda as a whole. Rwenzururu Kingdom has a rich scenery, home of pleasure and all the beauty that makes Uganda and Africa proud. We have the rich fertility of the soils and the most rivers and lakes. Our mountains put a smile on the economy of Uganda. Let’s impress peace, accept one another, inter-marry, live together and refocus our effort on development.

To the communities around and far away from Rwenzori, be our friends and help us to grow, do not use us to fight one another for your gains. Help us achieve what we have failed to have for all these years and join us to develop our nation Uganda. Heaven is for us all who wish peace to the Rwenzori region. God bless us all, God bless our King His Majesty Charles Wesley Irema-Ngoma and Nyabaghole Ithungu Agnes, and God bless our viewers.

For God and My Kingdom

Bwambale Clarence Mumbahya

MBA-Magt, BA.Public Admin

Kingdom Spokesperson

Tel: +256 772 864 037