Yes, we have also seen this holy week come to its conclusion. This Easter brings us hope. We had some quite sad and quiet moments but this gets us strong and stronger every day that passes-by.  

For the many Rwenzururu people, Ugandans and the world over, this weekend is a time to celebrate redemption at God’s hand. We have a story to tell like the Jews. We owe great thanks to God for we still breathe. We have a role to forgive for we are taught not to judge. Let’s use this Easter period to reflect on our past to shape our future. This weekend, we are celebrating the life and resurrection of a savior who died so that we might live. It is a time we all should be remembering the sacrifices made for us and hold all those who are suffering close to our hearts.

I once again thank all the people in the Rwenzori region for standing with us in this trying moment, stay peaceful and calm. I wish you a happy Easter Celebration as we rise with Jesus Christ.

His Majesty Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere Irema-Ngoma. Delivered by Bwambale Clarence Mumbahya-Spokesperson this 15th April 2017.

Author: Clarence Bwambale

Bwambale Clarence Mumbahya was Born on 24th April, 1981, Mughete Catholic Church, Kyarumba Sub County. Clarence Holds a Master Degree of Business Administration - Management from KIU, a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration (Hon) and a Diploma in Gender and Development from Nsamizi Training Institute of social development. Clarence is Currently serving Rwenzururu Kingdom as a Kingdom Spokesperson and a Minister of Information.

  • Goodluck Bwambale

    Thanx my His Majesty Omusinga W’omusinga Bwa Rw’enzururu For that Easter Festival Message.
    In You we have hope and trust.
    May you live longer.
    Our region with the beautiful terrain and where the sun sets we treasure it so much.
    Habwa Kayingo N’obusinga Bw’ethu Bwa Rwenzururu