As OBR, we have seen the Human Rights Watch Report, we have read it and we are still internalizing its contents. The report raises pertinent legal aspects which ought to be addressed by the concerned authorities. As the victims of the incidents of 26th & 27th  (the relatives of the deceased, those before court and prison and the kingdom as a whole) deserve to know actually what happened, the legal and cultural implications as the community concerned. Actually that is why the institution has been requesting for a comprehensive dialogue and a commission of inquiry to bring out all the critical issues to be address to prevent further re-occurrence of conflicts.

The interpretation of the above report by many people will definitely be different and we have no control over that as an institution. It is a fact that the palace was attacked and people died at the office and the palace raid of 26th and 27th November 2016 both traditional guards, local people and our men in government service Uniform. The question of numbers of those who died in the above incident is subject to investigation. The incident left a lot of orphans, widows, dependents and relatives who need fees and other basic needs from the bread winners who are no more. These people need to be assisted by Government, well-wishers, civil society organizations, religious institutions among others.

Quite a big number of our guards and the cultural institution’s head are in court and prison charged on various accounts of murder, attempted murder among other charges. Our Kingdom royal regalia, the royal House of Representatives, the coronation house, the shrines within the palace and cultural sites outside were burnt. The Animal farm of goats at the Omusinga’s Premises that had risen close to 300goats and 9cows are no more. The King has no home in Kasese since the one he had is still a scene of crime. The only Kingdom vehicle and the King’s vehicles were all affected and till now, the King has no transport means. All these require being replaced either by government, the subjects themselves, donors or the Kingdom well-wishers. We have to condemn squarely all the acts of violence caused by both the local people and the security agents. It’s our responsibility as leaders in the institution and the government to ensure such incidents never happens again. We still ask the community of Rwenzori to stay calm and peaceful. The Kingdom and its subjects are well focused on Peace, stability and justice for the people in Prison. 

Habwa Kayingo n’Obusinga Bwethu

Hon. Bwambale Clarence Mumbahya

Minister of Information & Kingdom Spokesperson

Author: Clarence Bwambale

Bwambale Clarence Mumbahya was Born on 24th April, 1981, Mughete Catholic Church, Kyarumba Sub County. Clarence Holds a Master Degree of Business Administration - Management from KIU, a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration (Hon) and a Diploma in Gender and Development from Nsamizi Training Institute of social development. Clarence is Currently serving Rwenzururu Kingdom as a Kingdom Spokesperson and a Minister of Information.